Poem Island of Love

The prosaic signpost mutters the name of an island discovered centuries back
A flicker of hope runs through the hearts of two explorers' souls

The humble red car swerves off the road, to a winding, slender track
And then to a neat brick-paved trail that betrays no sign of a voodoo

It meanders through the barren path, past a knot of lazy unflappable villagers
Their laid-backness betrays no sign of a voodoo

Further, an eerie calm of a summer afternoon, swathes of mangroves in wilderness greets the explorers 
Again they betray no hint of a voodoo

The silence of the forsaken land stirs the primordial desires in explorers
Oh, to make out here, wildly in this human forsaken wilds- unseen 
In the dirt and swamp in a blazing summer day, tempered by the green cover of mangroves

They lust, they laugh to beat the lust like two clever products of civilization
They halt, they abandon the red contraption where civilization perhaps ends

Further down the dirt track, a burst of silver light beckons them
And as they make way through a canopy of foliage, there still is no sign of a voodoo

They walk gingerly, expectantly and into a sandy bed of silvery shoreline hidden from habitation

On the beach, a docile, perhaps aging, cow with melancholy eyes sits huddled like God's retired carrier

And then suddenly it all turns voodoo for the explorers

A voodoo beach unfolds as a steady gust of wind turns it into a moving land
Of white sand flowing endlessly like heaven's conveyor belt

The explorers are under spell now as God's own beach cast its voodoo charm

Suddenly the sun mellows turning the moving shoreline into a palette of blue, grey, gold and silver
The explorers wade through the moving sand and into the foamy waves breaking into the shore without fury
They are under a voodoo spell now

The young among the two marvels at the sight clearly under the spell of nature's grand design
The old relishes the sight as much as the amazement in the eyes of his companion 
Bragging inside for the unexpected he gifts to the young lover

And then they look at each other- spell bound and lost in the moment
The lust gives way to love, awe-struck they close in, hold hands, wrap each other in their arms, and kiss

The sky above stands mute witness to the locked lips and clasped hands
Of two hungry souls seeking refuge in nature's open hideout

Frozen in the moments, the befuddled explorers slowly walk back
through the sands- leaving a chronicle of a love story never foretold

Clueless, they tell each other: This is our secret.